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30 years of experience

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Priya Punjabi

Senior Ayurvedic Consultant

30 years of Experience

Dr Priya Punjabi is one of the most experienced ayurvedic practitioners in
New Zealand. She gained her Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery
(BAMS) degree in 1989 at the prestigious Pune University and Tilak Ayurveda
Mahavidyalaya. She practised as Residential Medical Officer in a range of
allopathic hospitals, and ran a clinic (Allopathy and Ayurveda) in Mumbai
for seven years.

Arriving in New Zealand in 2002, Dr Priya lectured at a Natural Therapies
College and presented Community Education classes on Ayurveda for Family
Health. Since then she has regularly given health tips on 3 radio stations,
has appeared on television, has written articles for a health magazine, and
has appeared in the NZ Herald.

Having trained and practised in gynecological hospitals and fertility
clinics, Dr Priya has 30 years experience in treating fertility issues. She
believes her successful outcomes are due to careful listening, patient
trust, treating each patient as an individual, and effective combination of
allopathic assessments with holistic and natural solutions.

Dr Priya also trained in Panchakarma, and has one of the few clinics to
offer Panchakarma treatment in Auckland. She also specialises in skin
disorders and offers mental wellbeing consultation and programmes.

Dr Priya’s motto is “Prevention is Better Than Cure,” and she has actively
promoted this vision in New Zealand through her interactions with her
patients, through her teaching, and through her media exposure. She is an
accredited member of the New Zealand Ayurveda & Yoga Therapy Association,
and of Natural Health Practitioners of New Zealand.

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1) PCOS ( Poly cystic ovary)

2) Low sperm counts

3) Endometriosis

4) Unexplained Infertility

5) Infertility and Thyroid issues

6) Obesity and Infertility

7) Low sperm counts

8) Endometriosis

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Fertility Ayurveda

Why Ayurveda?

Why Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is the 5,000 year old “Science of Life” from India. It explains the nature of everything in the universe. It teaches us how to live in harmony with nature, knowing the connections that we share. Ayurveda is all about balance, and this is something we are in dire need of today.

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What Ayurveda Suggests?

What Ayurveda Suggests?

Add nutritional values through good diet. Cut down on caffeine. Add more fresh, natural, and organic foods in diet. Eat less preservative.Detoxify your system. Drink plenty of water. Create a stress free & positive atmosphere in your surroundings. Learn Stress release techniques

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Ayurvedic Fertility

Ayurvedic Fertility

Ultimate Ayurveda has many success stories to share. It is a tradition which has had great success over last 5,000 years and has been recognized globally as a successful practice

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Fertility Ayurveda

Fertility problems are common nowadays. Many people struggle with conceiving and thus have to try alternative therapies to be able to conceive. There is a more natural approach that can be tried before resorting conventional medicine and fertility treatments. You can benefit from a holistic approach as will your baby. You may find you have an easier pregnancy and better nutrition in the end.

What Ayurveda Suggests?

Change your lifestyle.
Stop smoking or drinking alcohol if you do.
Add nutritional values through a good diet. Cut down on caffeine. Add more fresh, natural and organic foods in diet, et less preservatives. Have a physical assessment with your health care provider. Try to reduce the need for medication if possible. Detoxify your system. Drink plenty of water. Create a stress free and positive atmosphere in your surroundings. Learn stress release technique exercise for physical health, as well as mental health.
Learn specific yoga and pranayama programme for fertility.


Ayurveda Fertility


Ayurveda Fertility

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